Funny real estate advertizing misprints and typos from MLS listings, sale flyers, classified ads, etc.

God faith estimate. (good)

Golf coarse home. (course)

House has god bones! (good)

Great guy at only $208/foot! (buy)

Custom bitch cabinets. (birch)

Large panty in kitchen. (pantry)

Just lusted!  (listed)

New doof.  (roof)

Pot for sale.  (Lot)

In goof condition.  (good)

Needs some dork.  (work)

Fresh pain inside.  (paint)

Clean soild home.  (solid)

Please shit the gate.  (shut)

Home feces south.  (faces)

For Sale By Ower.  (Owner)

New appraisal shows poof of value.  (proof)

More piss at xyz.com  (pics)

Nice inferior décor.  (interior)

Feral Reserve Bank.  (Federal)

Pubic access corridor.  (Public)

Down in the Anal District.  (Canal)

Whole house infection.  (inspection)

Visually appalling home.  (appealing)

Too many nice thongs to list.  (things)

Large heated poo in back yard.  (pool)

Can wee thru the trees to the lake.  (see)

Real estate agent in OR and CACA.  (CA… California)

Come check out our new orfice.  (office)

Friendly god (Zeus) in basement, don’t let out.  (dog)

Has god bones.  (good)

Large hose ranch.  (horse)

ice warm fireplace.  (nice)

Hot listing just pooped up.  (popped)

Fast your eyes on this beauty.  (Feast)

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  1. Talk about full disclosure!?

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