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Skateboarding Dog

Need a boost


  • Government organization
  • Mud bath
  • Now and then
  • Modern history
  • Mercy killing
  • Medium well
  • Major General
  • Small miracle
  • Scrap gold
  • Plan for a surprise
  • Foreign National
  • Back up
  • Buy now and save
  • Health care
  • Same difference
  • Taped live
  • Plastic glasses
  • Tight slacks
  • Peace force
  • Pretty ugly
  • Head butt
  • Tax return
  • Virtual reality
  • Dodge Ram
  • Work party
  • Jumbo shrimp
  • Microsoft Works


Last beer

Aye Aye Captain

Dog vs. Cop Car

My Scare Bear

Bear in yard3

This few hundred pound black bear frequents my back yard. He’s very calm and gentle (though trash cans and bird feeders disagree). One night I took this photo and the flash sent him running blind about the yard bouncing off the garage and toppling a trellis and bird bath. He finally layed down and whimpered. The poor big fierce creature was scared to death… petrified! I repeated “it’s ok bear” and he whimpered “You’re not gonna kill me?” I felt terrible, but laughed so hard I cried. Ken  ;^)

Granny vs Impatient Mercedes

Orphan Baby Racoons

Coons all 574

My orphan baby Racoon friends. Too small to survive and too cute to kick out in the cold. They grew up in my garage. I haven’t fed ‘em for a long time, but they still visit often. Guess it’s their childhood home. This summer, shy Dart introduced her babies. One was shy, so she coaxed it out. She’s a good mom. Yesterday Brat came in my garage and climbed my leg to say ”Hi.”  Ken  ;^)

No parking

Flying Dog

Bad start


Why does the airplane the safety card say “If you cannot see or read or speak the language, please ask the flight attendant for help?”

Why is there braille on the drive up banking window?

If you have suffered injury or died, call Sokolove Attorneys at Law.

The accident occurred at Second and Fir St. as the dead man was crossing the intersection. LA Times

Fork lift vs Warehouse

You can skip the first :30 seconds.

Athiest in the woods

One day an atheist was walking in the woods. He marveled in amazment at the majestic trees and powerful rivers and beautiful animals!”


Just then a 7-foot grizzly bear charged him. He ran, but the bear was on him…


“Oh my God!” he cried. Time Stopped.    The bear froze.    The forest was silent.

A bright light shone upon the athiest and a voice filled the sky… “You deny my existence and now call for help? Are you now a believer?

The Atheist looked directly into the light and said, “To ask to be treated as a Christian now would be hypocritical, but perhaps you could make the BEAR a Christian?”

V e r y   w e l l“, boomed the voice… as the bear brought both paws together, bowed his head and spoke: “Lord, bless this meal, Amen.”    ;^)


Cat Attack Dog with Vacuum

Stuck on an escalator

Runaway mower

Fish attacks jewels

Sleep Running Dog

Pole attacks olympain

Lighten Up!

Funny Cats & Dogs

Dog can dance

NBC News Anchor Drops F Bomb (R Rated)

Fox News Anchor Blooper (R Rated)

Hot Dog

Sorry Guys… (not quite R Rated)

What happens in Vegas

Crazy Penguin Dance

Heard of Buffalo vs Pride of Lions vs Big Crocodile

Not very funny if you are a lion. The action is between 1:55 & 7:20 with several AMAZING twists!

One of the most watched on YouTube.

Cut the cheese (scat humor)

A Holes

Number 3s

Me Tarzan, No Jane! (R Rated)

An unusually cool and little known rock band from Denmark

HOLY $#!+


Road side assistance in Iraq

skip to :25

Not just like riding a bicycle

Starts slow, but worth it… Inspiring!

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